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Bob Stradling
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Re: Possible Rules Amendments

Postby Bob Stradling » Tue Feb 13, 2018 1:49 pm

Whilst we are all thinking about changes:

Discouraged troops - should they be allowed to initiate a charge? Should discouraged troops have to pass a cohesion test to charge the front of a non-discouraged troops? Levy - never allowed to charge whilst discouraged, drilled allowed to charge without a cohesion test

Talking of drilled - should drilled close order infantry be allowed to charge more than 4"? Presumably all that drilling has the benefit of allowing them to go a bit faster whilst maintaining formation. This would potentially give them the option to initiate charges more often rather than always having to wait around to receive a charge.

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Re: Possible Rules Amendments

Postby lero » Sun Feb 18, 2018 2:57 am

Some thoughts from Paris :

-Troops armed with bows, longbows or crossbows and no named melee weapon are Inferior Fighters : YES !
-Inferior Fighters hit all but other Inferior Fighters on a 5+ in combat : YES !
-Levy missile troops do not get the bonus archery dice when shooting : YES !
-Levy troops who lose a combat read the result table one line lower than normal : YES !
-Warbands may not make voluntary retirements. YES if you mean disengagement otherwise specify.
-Skirmishers may move in any direction without movement penalty. They still lose 25% of their move when changing formation : YES !

If you have combined bases with a spearman and a crossbowman, then the rules 1 does not apply, does it ?


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