Roman's Stamina

BJ Barry
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Roman's Stamina

Postby BJ Barry » Sun Jan 21, 2018 6:38 am

Hi there,
a little doubt that can interfere with my Polybian roman army composition.
To better simulate the manipular structure of the army i'm planning to choose little units (let say 3/4 base) for Hastati, principes and triarii.
I know that they will start almost every combat in disavantage, but I do hope to compensate with the line of battle and trying to flank the enemy. Anyway, here's my question: does the first not saved hit count towards the calculation of the awards of momentum tokens in the shooting phase? In the army book, where the stamina rule is illustrated, the final sentence says: "All five hits count towards COMBAT resolution." So I presume that, even if you unsaved the first hit by shooting, and so loosing it in the combat phase of the same turn, if you get, let's say 2 hit by shooters om a four bases unit your opponent did not get the momentum token for reaching the 10% of my romans.

Am I correct or I just misundersantd the rule?

thanks in advance for any comments


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Wayne Richards
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Re: Roman's Stamina

Postby Wayne Richards » Sun Jan 21, 2018 9:37 am

Hi Giorgio - if you have a unit of Romans that are 4 bases and close order then you will have 16 figures.
Therefore if you take 2 casualties from shooting then you will be disorganised and your opponent will earn a momentum token.
If you lost 4 figs then you would not remove a base but would take a cohesion test for 25% casualties. Your opponent would earn 2 momentum tokens.

Any casualties that do not remove a base are discarded and do not carry over to the subsequent combat phase.

Cheers W.

BJ Barry
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Re: Roman's Stamina

Postby BJ Barry » Sun Jan 21, 2018 1:49 pm

Thank You for the prompt reply Wayne,

in a couple of weeks we have 1250 point confrontation between romans and carthaginians here in Madrid, and this is not a good news for my Hastati and Principes. Too bad, or well, more velites to screen the legions I believe ;)

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