Romans leave Dacia

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Romans leave Dacia

Postby Mithradates » Sun Dec 11, 2016 9:54 pm

Had our first game - 500 points only. Unfortunately the official Dacian war photographer was absent so no pictures.

Please to say the sorry remnants of the Roman advance guard were sent scurrying back across the border. Couple of comments:

Dacians will go back to WAB sized formations - 8 base warbands, 6 base skirmishers and 6 bases for formed cavalry - bit too fragile otherwise as shooting takes its toll. Lucky skirrmishers survived their early cohesion test.

Close Order foot can only charge 4" - we found that a little hard to come to terms with.

Momentum Tokens - Dacians built them up as quickly as they lost them. Really played a decisive role in some melees - helped offset Dacian hand to hand casualties and swung the combat accordingly.

2 HCW gave the Romans a bloody nose - need more of them!

I think for our next game we will stick to 1000 points and larger formations. Romans shrugged off any shooting hits with their 24 man cohorts. Look forward to the Classical Lists so I do not need dive into other published lists.

The 'unofficial 'QRS' was a God send, as was the Rules Summary - many thanks Leondegrande.


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Re: Romans leave Dacia

Postby A Lot of Gaul » Mon Dec 12, 2016 11:51 am

Thanks for the nice battle summary, Garry! I'm guessing that playing at 1000 points (or using fewer, larger units at 500 points) will work better. as you found, reducing the size of formed units much below six bases makes them far too brittle.
Close Order foot can only charge 4" - we found that a little hard to come to terms with.
I imagine that the rule is meant to represent troops having to slow their pace in order to maintain a tight shield-to-shield formation, which makes perfect sense to me.

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Re: Romans leave Dacia

Postby lero » Sun Jan 01, 2017 10:17 am

And Dacian in open order could charge 8" and get the momentum that compensate not having close order.

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