Late Roman list for comments

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Late Roman list for comments

Postby ka2lu » Mon Jan 02, 2017 2:15 pm

I need some help…
I am working on a Late Imperial Roman army from the rulebook which consists of:
6 bases of Legionaries (back 3 bases with bows)
6 bases of Legionaries (back 3 bases with bows)
6 bases of Limitanei
6 bases of Limitanei
4 bases of Archers in skirmish formation
6 bases of Catafractii (barding, kontos, massed cav)
5 bases of Equites
5 bases of Equites
6 bases foederatii heavy cavalry (heavy armour, javelin)
1 general
5 legates (3 mounted)
Total points 959
What to do with 41 points??
This army is a combination of my Late Roman and Romano British armies and is based on what I have painted. What theme does everyone think it would fall under? I haven’t played Swordpoint yet and plan on getting in a tutorial game at First Blood on the 22nd.
Any and all comments are welcome.

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Re: Late Roman list for comments

Postby dave.p » Mon Jan 02, 2017 8:59 pm

I would consider replacing one of the Limitani units with Auxillia so that you can take advantage of rough ground. Perhaps add more skirmishers.

See you at First blood.

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Re: Late Roman list for comments

Postby Phil the Goblin » Mon Mar 12, 2018 8:21 pm

Hi ka2lu (!)

Just embarking on my own Late Roman army and intending to use Gripping Beast plastics wherever possible. My army will have a much greater proportion of Foederati and be commanded by some backwater warlord making a grab for power as the Empire disintegrates!

I was interested to know why you chose the 50% archer option for your legions rather than 25%... has this worked out to be a good choice in practice? I can't decide between the two! Does it make any difference?

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