Archery ineffective?

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Archery ineffective?

Postby KingRat » Mon Feb 10, 2020 10:03 am

Am I missing something obvious?
Units shoot at the nearest enemy so it is difficult to get more than one unit to shoot at the same target.
My Persian immortals shoot at some Greeks at close range. They get 6 dice, plus 2 for superior shooters less 1 for shooting at phalanx. They are a bit lucky and get 4 hits but the Greeks probably save 2 with their armour and shields anyway. So 2 hits and no effect. My ordinary Persian infantry have even less chance and the levies need 3 hits out of 3 and all the Greek saves to fail which by my maths is about 64:1 against.
My English longbows shoot at some French knights. They are at close range so they get 8 dice, probably 4 hits. But the knights defence is 2 so I would be lucky to get even 1 hit. Again, no effect.
Even if I get 3 hits and discourage someone the marker comes off automatically at the start of the next turn anyway, so unless I am in a position to charge them in the same turn i shot them there is no point bothering at all.

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Re: Archery ineffective?

Postby MartinG » Mon Feb 10, 2020 10:27 am

Archery is expected to be harassment rather than destruction of the enemy, and is most effective against poorly protected targets or where multiple shooting units can target the same unit, which is easiest to achieve on the flanks, or where terrain allows the stacking of units, such as bow units on a hill behind other shooters. Normally you would be aiming to either clear skirmishers or cause discouragement in the turn in which a combat will occur. Is is indeed quite difficult to achieve this against outliers like D2 units or D4 or better in phalanx or shieldwall. A more typical D5 or D6 target is a different proposition. Overall, it is difficult to win with a force totally reliant on archery unless the enemy obligingly remains static.
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