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Supplement Contents

Postby Wayne Richards » Tue Mar 10, 2020 6:32 pm

Hi Folks, just a brief note to let you know what is in the supplement - Cheers W.

The Genghis Khan Swordpoint supplement focuses on the armies and enemies of this Mongol leader. The supplement contains nine army lists covering the Mongols, Xi Xia, Jin, Kara-Khitai, Khwarezmian Empire, Kipchak, Georgia, Rus and Volgar Bulgars. Each list is accompanied by some historical background.
The supplement also contains nine scenarios ranging from a small scale tribal raid up to larger engagements such as the Battle of Kalka River. Although written specifically for the supplement, these scenarios can be adapted and played with any other armies you choose.
The supplement is divided chronologically into four main sections. The first section covers the Mongols from 1206AD to 1227AD. It discusses the Mongol campaigns and expansion, together with their organisation and tactics.
The second section concentrates on the Mongol's Eastern expansion and the campaigns in China against the Xi Xia and the Jin Dynasty.
This is followed by a section focusing on the Mongol's turn west and their campaigns against the Kara-Khitai and Khwarezmian Empire and includes a scenario inspired by the siege of Samarkand.
The final section covers the conflicts beyond the Caspian Sea with the Kipchaks, Georgians, Rus and Volga Bulgars.

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