Nottingham Swordpoint Event This Year?

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Nottingham Swordpoint Event This Year?

Postby Atheling » Thu Oct 21, 2021 3:31 pm


I wanted to ask if there were any plans for the Nottingham Swordpoint event planned for mid June last year might take place again this year?

If so, my hope is that Covid cases will be low enough for to make attending the event a relative minor risk in 2022.

Is there any movement on that front for next year?

It's been a long gruelling journey for me over the past nineteen months and there is nothing I would like more then to finish off some armies and get some dice rolled in "anger".

If anyone has any news on that front please spill the beans.

Again, if it is going ahead, what period would we be looking at would be great to know? (I will have Anglo Danes and Early Byzantines ready but could be tempted to paint up an army for a different period if need be- as long as I had advance warning that is :)


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