Early Byzantines- Byzantine Heavy Kavallarioi First Unit

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Early Byzantines- Byzantine Heavy Kavallarioi First Unit

Postby Atheling » Wed Mar 02, 2022 6:38 pm


This unit was started prior to the beginning of The Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge with the first six cavalry models being completed before I went into clean up, prime and undercoat a whole Late Roman army for the challenge, which ended in the Great Varnishing Disaster which put pay to all my efforts on that project. Needless to say it interrupted any progress on my Early Byzantines as well as affecting a huge drop in my painting morale. I shave still to get my money back for the varnish that was provided to me with the promise that it was a "dead flat matt" but I will not stoop to naming and shaming; not yet anyway LOL.

Anyway, that's all by the bye. Overall I think this unit has come out rather well. I spent a long time on the horse flesh, something I really enjoy painting as you can really go to town on them. There is a degree of artistic expression, which I'm happy with as we are essentially colouring in toy soldiers.

The unit is double armed with both kontos and bow so I threw in a a few miniatures in full mail in the process of loading and loosing a few arrows for a little variation. Also, I added another Draco to the chap at the back in order to balance out the composition of the unit, providing a counterfoil to the large Chi Rho banner.

I did not manage to make enough time to take all the shots I wanted so I'll be adding some single base piccies sometime soon.

There are more images available on my Just Add Water Blog should you wish to take a look:

No single bases yet as I'm really pressed for time today. I'll try to upload them tomorrow if I can.


[img1]https://blogger.googleusercontent.com/i ... rt1g=s1300[/img]


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